Yesterday, we went to Matt’s parents house to help trim their tree. We took a cake – cherry vanilla flavored.

I did not have any powdered sugar to make buttercream frosting, so I found this recipe online. It’s very good!! Much better than canned frosting, and so easy! It uses flour, milk, butter, vanilla, and granulated sugar.

Matt and I are celebrating our first anniversary today. I took the day off work, and we are watching the BBC Pride and Prejudice. Later we will eat the top layer of our wedding cake. It’s defrosting, now. 🙂

In other news, Matt was accepted to the sheet metal union apprenticeship program. Hopefully he will be placed in a job by February.





We had a busy weekend here! Friday night was Gina’s fiance’s birthday, so we celebrated with them.

Saturday evening, I went to Gina’s Christmas party for her work. It was at Dave and Buster’s, but it was really nice! We played some arcade games, and they had a “casino” set up for the party, so I learned how to play blackjack. There is a reason I don’t gamble. Even with play money, I lose dreadfully!!!

On Sunday we went to church, which was really nice. It was the second Sunday of Advent, but they didn’t sing any Christmas carols! 😦

Kim’s Christmas musical was Sunday night, and she has a solo. She did a really great job! She also recited some
Bible verses, which was awesome.

Things are okay over here. I’m nursing an ear infection, this time on the left ear. Matt is taking very good care of me. Tonight we were at the grocery store, and I was feeling very nauseous from my medicine. So I went and sat in the car while he finished shopping. He is the sweetest husband!






O Christmas Tree


Matt and I decided to get a Christmas tree. We weren’t going to, but I really wanted one for our Christmas party!

We went to an independent lot at first, but the trees were rediculously expensive. So we went to Superior and got a 6-7′ Douglas fir for about $30. We had some lights, so we picked up about 25 ornaments from Dollar Tree (for $2 total) and headed home.







We had an interesting weekend. As we were leaving for church Sunday, the check engine light came on. So we drove our car to the dealership, took the bus home, and spent the rest of the day working on projects.

Our car is fine – two of the cylinders were not working properly, but they fixed it, and it is under our warranty. Yay! We only paid for an oil change.

I finished most of the Christmas gifts, and last night we wrapped all of them. I’m super excited for people to see what we got them!

Instead of using gift tags, we used a stencil to paint everyone’s name on their gift. I wrapped, and Matt painted. Yay teamwork!