We had a busy weekend here! Friday night was Gina’s fiance’s birthday, so we celebrated with them.

Saturday evening, I went to Gina’s Christmas party for her work. It was at Dave and Buster’s, but it was really nice! We played some arcade games, and they had a “casino” set up for the party, so I learned how to play blackjack. There is a reason I don’t gamble. Even with play money, I lose dreadfully!!!

On Sunday we went to church, which was really nice. It was the second Sunday of Advent, but they didn’t sing any Christmas carols! 😦

Kim’s Christmas musical was Sunday night, and she has a solo. She did a really great job! She also recited some
Bible verses, which was awesome.

Things are okay over here. I’m nursing an ear infection, this time on the left ear. Matt is taking very good care of me. Tonight we were at the grocery store, and I was feeling very nauseous from my medicine. So I went and sat in the car while he finished shopping. He is the sweetest husband!







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