Life is going nicely in our house.  Matt got his first day job with the sheet metal union, and we are hoping that he gets more day jobs soon.  Although, a permanent job would be better!  He wants to work in a shop, fabricating, not in the field, which is installing.  So I am praying that he gets a permanent job where he will be happy.

I am doing great; I’m helping Gina with her wedding planning, which is super fun!  We went to Paper Source on Saturday for a wedding stationery workshop, and I rediscovered embossing.  It’s so pretty –  you stamp paper with clear (or color) ink, cover the ink with embossing powder, and then blow hot air to melt the powder.  The result is a gorgeous, shiny design.  I’m thinking that I may need to invest in some supplies!

On Sunday, Bob and Matt Y. came for dinner.  I served chicken fajita’s with homemade tortillas.  I also browned a pound of ground beef for tacos – you would think 2.5 pounds of chicken breast would feed three hungry guys, but I know better!  🙂


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