This weekend was exciting.  Matt took me on a spontaneous trip to Santa Barbara/Solvang. 


Pea soup!  Very delicious!

We spent Friday night at Andersen’s Pea Soup Hotel (everything was GREEN!!!). 


Paula’s Pancake House – great Danish pancakes!


We got a strudel to take home at this bakery.

Saturday morning, we had breakfast in Solvang, and then walked around the whole village before heading back down the coast.




Matt on a bench with carved horses for arm rests!







A bust of Hans Christian Andersen.

Matt stopped at some mussel shoals to gather mussels; he watched a Good Eats episode where Alton Brown steamed live mussels, so Matt wanted to try it. 


If you look closely, you can see Matt getting mussels.


Matt’s nachos – they filled him up, with leftovers!

Afterwards, we stopped at Freebird’s near UCSB.  Freebirds is kindof like Chipotle, only much yummier.  It’s an independent store, separate from the chain restaurant that is sprouting up. 


Surrey rental

After that, we went to the Santa Barbara pier, where the museum was shooting off a cannon that day.  It was super loud!  My ears rang for a little bit afterwards.  We rented a surrey (seriously, too expensive!), and we biked down the beach for about 45 minutes.  Great leg workout!

 When we got home on Saturday night, Matt steamed the mussels.  I had to hole myself up in the bedroom with scented candles, because the smell was overpowering.  The recipe asked for a couple cloves of garlic… Matt thought a bulb of garlic was a clove, so in actuality, he used about 10 cloves of garlic!  Ahhhhh!  Turns out the mussels did not taste very good.  He was disappointed, but I promised we would go camping/fishing at the Kern River in a couple months, so he can get some good out of his fishing license. 







We made it to the top!

On Sunday after church, we went to the LA Arboretum, which is right up the street from our church.  We walked for about 45 minutes (seriously, most of it was uphill, since downhill was a flight of stairs!!).  There are peacocks loose everywhere in the arboretum.  They were very beautiful. 

Yesterday was MLK day, so I was off work (yay for government jobs!).  Matt’s parents came over for dinner, and I made Julia Child’s Chicken with mushrooms & cream.  You guys.  You have GOT to try this.  Here’s how to make it:

In a large pan (one that can go in the oven), melt 5 Tablespoons butter until foamy.  Put in 2 stalks green onions, sliced, and sauté them for a minute or so.  Add ¼ lb mushrooms, sliced.  Don’t let the veggies brown.  Sprinkle with a little salt.  Turn off the fire, and then add 4 chicken breasts, sprinkled with lemon juice, salt & pepper.  Flip them in the butter until they get completely covered.  Put a lid on the pan, and place it on the oven for about 35-40 minutes.  Once the chicken is fully cooked, remove the chicken breasts and put them in a place where they will stay warm.  Then add ¼ cup dry wine (I used chardonnay, a $4 bottle from Trader Joe’s) and ¼ cup stock (I used Swanson’s chicken broth).  Boil it down a little bit (it’s supposed to get syrupy…mine did not).  Add 1 cup heavy cream, boil until it thickens (mine didn’t thicken – I added a tablespoon of flour, then it thickened nicely).  Add fresh parsley (I used dried, and it was fine).  I served it with fresh green beans and egg noodles.  It was scrumptious!  Definitely a repeat!

If you don’t cook with wine, just use more chicken broth instead. 

I also cut my foot yesterday while cleaning (silly carpet nails), and my foot hurts.  That was our weekend!! 


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