Denim Skirt


I’ve been sewing a lot lately, and I know I need to post my projects!

This is a quick project I did last night. I had this pair of jeans that were not as flared as I like, so I took out the inner seams, and turned it into a skirt! I added some heart patches to cover the rips from it being too distressed. The buttons on the back pocket were ripped off, so I put some patches there too, and sewed up the pocket. I think it’s super cute.

The pictures are terrible – Matt took them. I’ll post better ones later.




Holiday Weekend


So I had planned on sewing all weekend long, since we had a 3 day weekend, but I have been sick, so instead I read 14 novels. Yes, I am a very fast reader.

Yesterday, we went to the corner bakery and I had delicious baked potato soup!! So yummy! Matt had a pesto pasta. He really liked it.



Simplicity 1699 vs 1800


I saw this lovely little dress on the Simplicity website yesterday.


I love the raglan sleeves, the princess seamed bodice, and the circle skirt.  Unfortunately, I don’t look that great in a high necked dress (makes my bust look HUGE), plus, this pattern doesn’t come in my waist/hip size.

But I have this pattern:



It’s got the raglan sleeves and the princess seamed bodice.  A circle skirt is super easy to hack, so that’s basically the only change I’d have to make.  The lower neckline is flattering for me, and it comes in my waist/hip size.  

So this is my project for the next week.  I’ll need to lengthen the bodice of pattern 1800, and then add a circle skirt.  I’ll take pictures as I go.  I have some brown polka dot fabric sitting around, and that would perfectly match Matt’s brown satin vest (that I need to finish…erm….)