Simplicity 1699 vs 1800


I saw this lovely little dress on the Simplicity website yesterday.


I love the raglan sleeves, the princess seamed bodice, and the circle skirt.  Unfortunately, I don’t look that great in a high necked dress (makes my bust look HUGE), plus, this pattern doesn’t come in my waist/hip size.

But I have this pattern:



It’s got the raglan sleeves and the princess seamed bodice.  A circle skirt is super easy to hack, so that’s basically the only change I’d have to make.  The lower neckline is flattering for me, and it comes in my waist/hip size.  

So this is my project for the next week.  I’ll need to lengthen the bodice of pattern 1800, and then add a circle skirt.  I’ll take pictures as I go.  I have some brown polka dot fabric sitting around, and that would perfectly match Matt’s brown satin vest (that I need to finish…erm….)



3 thoughts on “Simplicity 1699 vs 1800

  1. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to see the finished project. From the picture, it looks like the skirt part will drape nicely. Have fun stitching it up.
    Personally, I like 1699. I am average in the bust area so I think I will check it out. I might be able to use up some of my fabric that’s part of my stash.

  2. Thought I’d update you and let you know I ordered the above pattern 1699. Can’t wait for it to come in the mail. Thanks for your inspiration.

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