This was an interesting weekend.  We got a really, really nice desk from someone at Mom & Dad Cuff’s church.  They dropped it off Saturday morning, and Matt assembled it yesterday.  I’ll take pictures tonight and post them.

We got our income tax return, yay!  We set half aside for a rainy day, and then we went and got some things we needed, like a DVD player, speakers for the computer, and a wedding ring for me.  It’s being sized, but I should get it in two weeks.  I’ll post pictures then. 

I got this topcoat from Essie.  It’s called “Good to Go!”  It’s supposed to be one of the fastest drying top coats on the market.  Actually, I’m rather impressed.  My nails were dry within an hour, when it normally takes like, 3-4 hours to get a really HARD dry.  It was $10, but I think it’s worth it!

I’ve been experimenting with self-tanner.  I know.  Lame, right?  But my pasty white legs were bothering me, and honestly, with my family’s history of cancer, I’m not willing to risk a natural tan.  I tried Banana Boat self tanner, and it doesn’t have quite as awful a smell as most self tanners, but it DID streak a bit.  I’ll play with it a little more, but I’m not sure this is a winner.  I actually had to wear pants today because my calves look terrible!


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