So I think I’ve blogged pretty much all weekend!!  This is the most blogging I’ve done in a long time!

Yesterday I visited four places.  The one by the Grove that was technically out of my budget ended up being NOT okay.  It was a luxury apartment, like, 20 years ago!  The dishwasher was ancient!  Another one was a VERY tiny bedroom… absolutely no room for my sewing stuff.  The third was okay, but it was in a loft modified into a room, and since there were no windows, I felt a little claustrophobic.

The fourth one (which, actually was the second one I visited yesterday) was really awesome.  It’s with a woman in her mid-30’s, and she has two cats.  The apartment has hardwood floors throughout, and the complex has a laundry room and a pool.  It’s about a 20 minute bus ride into downtown LA, and another 20 minute bus ride to the Grove.  The commute to UCLA is actually really good – I’ll have to leave the apartment at 5:45 AM, which is how early i leave now if I’m driving.  The only drawbacks are that I can’t have overnight guests (not BOYS!  Gina!  She can’t spend the night!), and the lady does have a 420 prescription (oh well!).  It’s about $150 under my budget (yay!!), so I took it!

Last night I went to my parents house.  They got Chinese, and I brought a banana cream pie from Whole Foods.  We played UNO and watched Sense & Sensibility (one of my favorite movies – I love the when Marianne finally realized that Col. Brandon is like, an amazing guy, and I love the wedding scene when Willoughby gazes at the church with bitterness and regret, knowing exactly what he missed out on).

So Kim is 7, and she doesn’t know how to play UNO.  Crazy!  I think Beth and I knew that game SO WELL when we were 7!  So Mom was walking her through the game, and we could tell Kim was getting frustrated with the game.  So Mom decided that Kim needed to win…she was like, “We’re playing reds!”…because Kim had red cards.  I got the hint – but Dad did not!!!  He switched the colors all around, and even won one hand before he got the hint that we needed to let Kim win!  Poor Dad.  🙂

Jocelyn and I are meeting for coffee tonight, so that should be fun.  Tomorrow is my birthday, and I don’t really have anything special planned, although Gina is supposed to meet me at Loft.

I’ve completely ignored my diet this weekend!!  I have eaten so much!  Oh well – it was my birthday weekend, after all!  I’m back on track starting today.  I’ve lost 21 lbs since starting MyFitnessPal in March, and I’ve lost 29 lbs total since my last birthday.  Yay!


EDIT:  Here are pics of the room.  I’ve pulled them from the Craigslist posting!

room 2

room 3


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