Sewing Patterns for Autumn


It’s time to start thinking about my autumn wardrobe.  Early Fall patterns are slowly being released by the major four pattern companies, and I’ve found a few interesting picks so far.


I love the ruffle detail of Butterick 5917.  I’m not a huge fan of the straight skirt – it would need fabric with more of a stretch.  But the neckline is to die for.



Butterick 5919 is interesting.  You can’t see a lot of detail in the picture, but here is the drawing.



All the dresses have the interesting gathers below the bust instead of darts.  A & B have the back opening, although back C would be more work appropriate.  Version B leaves room for a petticoat underneath, and version C has the interesting fishtail, although I seriously wonder what it would look like in real life.  Along with the sleeve and neckline variations, there are plenty of details to make the dress interesting.



I’m a little iffy on Butterick 5930. It reminds me very much of Butterick 5747, except that 5747 has a button front and pleated skirt, while 5930 has a circle skirt.  I already own 5747, so I don’t think I would purchase 5930.  I can, however, incorporate the circle skirt into 5747, since I like circle skirts better than pleated.



Finally, there is this super cute pajama set, Butterick 5932.  It’s the first cute cami I’ve seen in sizes 24/26 (which are real world sizes 20/22).  I’m definitely getting this to make some cute lounge wear for around the house.  Most of my lounge wear is several years old, and ready to fall apart.


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