“Our Song”



What happens to “our song” when you get divorced? There’s this song you absolutely love, and whenever it came on the radio, the two of you would dance to it for a few brief moments. But now he is gone, and there is still this song. You still love the song, but it’s full of memories about him.

And maybe someday that will be a bittersweet feeling, but right now it is just sad. The song is full of sad memories, broken promises, and poisoned love. So you won’t listen to the song for awhile, and maybe the next time you hear it – a few months, perhaps a year – maybe it won’t be such a sad song anymore.


One thought on ““Our Song”

  1. What happens? You find a new man and a new song!
    Then you hear the old one and are so busy in your new life, it is just a distant memory of someone you shared a life with, and no longer know….

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