Things that Happened Since I Last Blogged


Since Bethany’s wedding, not very much has happened. 

I spent a few days with my parents last week.  It was really nice to be home and not be lonely.  I also got the divorce paperwork filed, so, yay.  172 days until I’m no longer married. 

I stopped dating after getting sexually assaulted twice in one weekend (by two different guys).  I now require references in order to go on a date with someone.  Oh, and you should let them no there is no way in hell I will sleep with them.  They shouldn’t even try.  (Maybe if I get married.  Possibly.  Can’t I just have a celibate marriage?  No?)

Thanksgiving plans are coming along.  We are going to have SO MUCH FOOD.  This makes me happy. 

I made a black velvet skirt, and now I want VELVET EVERYTHING.  Why haven’t I had any velvet clothing before this?  It’s like, the most amazing fabric EVER. 

I’m pretty sure that’s it.


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