Feminism and Sex Crimes


I saw this picture* last night, along with the caption, “This picture shows how ridiculous feminism is.”  Of course, this is a totally photoshopped picture.



The snarky pic above is a commentary on Slut Walk. 



During Slut Walks, women and men protest rape culture by holding signs like this.


Some people hold signs like this.


♦ ♦ ♦

This week, one of my friends told me I should take a self defense class, so I could prevent sexual battery.  This is because, lately, I’ve been inappropriately touched a few times without my consent.  A self defense class is not going to stop sexual battery or rape from happening.  The inappropriate, nonconsensual actions will still happen to me.  A self defense class could possibly change the outcome of the situation.  The few times I was inappropriately and non-consensually touched, the men stopped after I told them very firmly to stop.  If they had not stopped, self defense would have come in handy at that moment.  However, self defense classes in and of themselves would not stop the initial incident. 

The only thing that prevents a sex crime is for the perpetrator to freaking not do it.

♦ ♦ ♦

Back to the original picture.  The “Kid Walk” picture.

Apparently the artist takes offense at the idea that sexual abusers are the ones responsible for their own behavior.  When a child runs into the street without looking and is hit by a car, is it the driver’s fault?  (Sometimes.  It depends on the situation.  Let’s say it’s not the driver’s fault.)  When a woman is at a frat party and gets raped, is it her fault?  No.  It’s not her fault. 

When a car hits a child, it is an accident.  Rape and sexual abuse are not accidents.  The abuser does what he/she wants, ignoring the victim’s wishes.  He might not even ask permission.  He might just do it. 

If a person commits a crime against another person, who is at fault?  The victim, or the perpetrator?  If Andy steals a watch from Sally, Andy is at fault, because he committed the crime.  In almost every type of crime, the perpetrator is always assumed to be responsible for committing the crime.  Why isn’t it like that for sex crimes? 

♦ ♦ ♦

I shouldn’t have to take a self defense course so that I can stop someone from raping me after I told him no.

I shouldn’t have to be subjected to lewd comments because I look pretty.

I shouldn’t have to switch places on the train because someone decides they need to feel me up.

♦ ♦ ♦

What can I do to prevent a sex crime against me?  Nothing.  My clothes won’t stop it from happening.  Being ugly won’t stop it from happening.  Punching the perpetrator won’t stop the initial crime from happening.  If someone wants to commit a sex crime, they’re going to commit a sex crime.

What can you do to prevent committing a sex crime?  Don’t do it.



*Childism is a real thing.  Childism is the belief that your children are your property, and you can do with them what you wish.  You can hit them.  You can deny them food.  You can imprison them.  Childism is a system where children have no or very few rights.  I suspect that the person posting the above picture would scorn childism as foolish, probably more than he scorns feminism.


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