Time for my annual birthday post.

Last year, I wrote:

So now I’m looking ahead at 26. I’m moving out in 8 days. I have no idea what the next year is going to look like. I have absolutely no doubts that it will have some dark, rough times. But I hope it will have some wonderful, happy times, too. I hope that, one year from today, I’ll look back and say, “Wow. 26 was actually a really good year.”

Oh boy, what a year it’s been. I had nightmares and panic attacks up until about two months ago. I spiraled into a dark place in November, when I filed for divorce. Around early May, things started getting brighter. I think it was a mixture of making new friends, enjoying my classes, and working towards a goal I’ve had for years – grad school. I’ve had a lot of happy times – Gina’s wedding, the holidays, the women’s retreat last month. I’ve spent a lot of time with my family, more than I have in ages, and I’ve really enjoyed that. Mom is, more and more, becoming my friend. Dad is always a treat, and it’s fantastic to see Kim growing up before my eyes.

26 was a pretty decent year.

But this year, I’m looking forward to more happiness. I want to prioritize traveling and preparing for the GRE this fall. I’m going to try avoiding spending time on boys, but focusing more on my passions and goals.

I’ve seen this floating around on Pinterest for awhile, and I really like it. I like how it encompasses this idea of choosing to be single, having a fantastic, incredibly fun life. I think, next year, when I write this post, I want to look back and say, “Wow, I had a lot of fun being 27.”



Father’s Day


Saturday night, I went down to Cerritos to spend the night at my parents.  

On Sunday, we all went to church together, then we got Arby’s.  We had planned on getting Chinese from our favorite place, but it was closed.  The owners went to a family reunion.  

For Dad’s gift, I got them a Yonanas machine.  It turns frozen fruit into a soft-serve type dessert.  It was very tasty!  Image

Things Lately




Things have been going well recently.  My divorce was final in May, and things have been calm.

Early in May, Mom, Kim, Beth, Aunt Debbie, Cousin Heidi, and I went on a women’s retreat.  It was really fun to be all together.



Later in May, Mom, Dad, Kim, and I went to the Getty.  I took a half day at work, and they picked me up on the way there.  We saw the Victoria & Albert exhibit, the gardens, plus a few others.  It was really nice!


For Memorial Day, we christened Mom’s new grill, and we had a feast of sausages, veggies, and a bastardization of the American Flag, made with chocolate and carrot cake.


So things are going great.  I’m about ready to kick off the summer with the family reunion and my birthday.  I’m super excited for all the fun!