Things Lately, In Pictures


My birthday came and went.  Beth, Mike, and I went to Magnolia and gorged on delicious cocktails and food.  We saw The Piano Guys, which was fabulous.


The weekend after, I went to the Getty with Jocelyn.  They had a few exhibits on religious art, plus an exhibit on Yvonne Rainer (modern dancer/choreographer).  Then we feasted at Islands.  


Last week, before class, I went to the Santa Monica Pier.  It was cloudy and sultry – absolutely lovely.  


I spent a few days with my parents for the 4th.  We grilled hot dogs and pork chops, and roasted star shaped marshmallows.  


Five days until I go to Texas!  I’m super excited.  Amanda and I have the whole nine days all planned out with sewing, movies, karaoke, Hurricane Harbor… all sorts of fun.  Meanwhile, I need to purchase a luggage scale so my suitcase doesn’t go over 50 lbs!!     


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