Coconut Cake


I made Alton Brown’s coconut cake yesterday. I made the coconut cream, milk, and extract from scratch. Matt grated the coconuts for me last week. It was really sweet of him.

Overall this was a pretty easy recipe to follow. I’ve never done a sponge cake before, but I made sure not to overmix. Not all the meringue got mixed in, but the cake rose very nicely. I made a 7 minute frosting, which turned out wonderfully.

The cake did taste a bit biscuity, and many reviews said it was too sweet, but I didn’t think that at all!

The extract was really easy to make. You put vodka and coconut together and let it sit. Then after a week or do, strain out the coconut, and voila! Extract!





Yesterday, we went to Matt’s parents house to help trim their tree. We took a cake – cherry vanilla flavored.

I did not have any powdered sugar to make buttercream frosting, so I found this recipe online. It’s very good!! Much better than canned frosting, and so easy! It uses flour, milk, butter, vanilla, and granulated sugar.

Matt and I are celebrating our first anniversary today. I took the day off work, and we are watching the BBC Pride and Prejudice. Later we will eat the top layer of our wedding cake. It’s defrosting, now. 🙂

In other news, Matt was accepted to the sheet metal union apprenticeship program. Hopefully he will be placed in a job by February.