Thanksgiving Prep


I am knee deep into getting ready for Thanksgiving and Black Friday.  On Saturday, Dad took me grocery shopping for all the supplies.  You guys, we are going to have way too much food.  But that’s kinda my style, you know?  And people can take leftovers home.

On Thanksgiving Day, the plan is to start everyone out with appetizers and hot cider (which reminds me, I need to find the mulling spices I purchased at World Market).  The appetizers are apples with marshmellow fluff dip, two meat/cheese/cracker platters, sweet potatoes with pecans and goat cheese, and apple/brie/fig crostini

Chris is in charge of roasting the turkey.  I’m making my famous mashed potatoes with cream cheese, and these creamed pearl onions from Smitten Kitchen.  I’m also making cranberry sauce, and we’re serving butternut squash soup courtesy of Trader Joe’s.  Aunt Debbie is making her amazing sweet potatoes and a salad, and my mother is making green beans and rolls.  

There will be pie as well – butternut squash, cranberry peach, pecan, apple, pumpkin, and sweet potato.  I really wanted to make a mince pie, but it needs two pie crusts, and I only have one extra.  I’m not about to go get another pack of frozen pie crusts to make a pie that few people eat!  (BTW, I highly recommend Trader Joe’s pie crusts.  As far as frozen crusts go, they are the best.  And I’m too buy to make them from scratch this year.)

We’re going to have way too much food.  (Insert giggling and happy noises.)

Food is how I show people I love them.  I shower them with deliciousness and savory treats. 

I finished organizing the readings for during dinner.  We’ll have several psalms, a true Thanksgiving story, and a responsive reading.  I also have two Storycorps recordings to listen to. 

Before lunch, we’ll have the Great Mathis Family Chinese Checker Tournament.  There will also be a puzzle, Kim’s play, and we will watch a few film reels from when my aunts and uncles were little.

All in all, I think it will be a success.  Pictures to come. 

And Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.


Memorial Day


We went to my parents house for a BBQ today. I made a triple berry cake (omg amazing), and we grilled pork chops and had baked potatoes.

It was nice to have a day off from work!










Holiday Weekend


So I had planned on sewing all weekend long, since we had a 3 day weekend, but I have been sick, so instead I read 14 novels. Yes, I am a very fast reader.

Yesterday, we went to the corner bakery and I had delicious baked potato soup!! So yummy! Matt had a pesto pasta. He really liked it.