Things that Happened Since I Last Blogged


Since Bethany’s wedding, not very much has happened. 

I spent a few days with my parents last week.  It was really nice to be home and not be lonely.  I also got the divorce paperwork filed, so, yay.  172 days until I’m no longer married. 

I stopped dating after getting sexually assaulted twice in one weekend (by two different guys).  I now require references in order to go on a date with someone.  Oh, and you should let them no there is no way in hell I will sleep with them.  They shouldn’t even try.  (Maybe if I get married.  Possibly.  Can’t I just have a celibate marriage?  No?)

Thanksgiving plans are coming along.  We are going to have SO MUCH FOOD.  This makes me happy. 

I made a black velvet skirt, and now I want VELVET EVERYTHING.  Why haven’t I had any velvet clothing before this?  It’s like, the most amazing fabric EVER. 

I’m pretty sure that’s it.


Happenings as of Late



It’s been awhile since I’ve felt up to writing. Things are going mostly ok. I have a steady gentleman caller, and he seems to be very nice so far. Work is dysfunctional as always, and school is fine. I’m enjoying my Urban Studies class very much. 

ImageLately, I’ve been doing a lot of baking. I think it’s mostly because it’s autumn, and therefore PIE season! I’ve made an apple pie, a sweet potato pie, and banana bread over the past couple weeks. I’ve made apple pie in the past, but it was always super runny. The trick for that, I just learned, is to toss your apples in a little bit of cornstarch prior to baking. The cornstarch makes the filling nice and thick.

ImageI did not like my apple pie recipe very much, so I will not post it, but I loved this sweet potato pie recipe. My banana bread recipe was from The Kitchn, and it’s amazing. Best banana bread ever.

ImageA couple weeks ago, I got tea with my old friend Scarlett.

ImageWe went to McKenna’s Tea Cottage in Seal Beach. It was a lovely place, but I don’t really recommend them. I prefer Paris in a Cup in Orange, personally.

ImageThis past Sunday, I went to the LA County Fair with Scarlett. Image

It was very sunny, so I purchased a lovely floppy hat to shade myself.


I had a turkey leg at Juicy’s to start.  Then we went to look at the exhibits.





I really want to learn how to make these ruffly cakes!  Love this.







This purple dress was gorgeous.




Absolutely love this dress.


Afterwards we looked at the wares for purchase.  There was a booth with many types of massagers, including this facial massager.  When I tried it, it tickled my nose horribly!


I ended the day with funnel cake, then took the train home.  I highly recommend taking the Metrolink to the LA Fair.  It’s $10 for the whole day, plus your fair ticket is $10, instead of $19.  They have a tram that takes you right from the train to the front gate.  It saves a lot of time and hassle!




New pillows


Goodbye, old apartment


Made a new friend

Life has been hectic the past week. My boss is back at work from surgery, so work has been full of minor adjustments / major catching up. I’ve been getting to know my roommate, Rachel. We have a similar background – homeschooled IFB, went to college, discovered feminism. Although to be fair, I didn’t really become a feminist until after college. We have a lot of shared interests, and we’ve been watching the new season of “Arrested Development” (is amazing!!!).

Next week, Gina and I are going to Vegas for her bachelorette. I am excited for our vacation!!